Biolandes at Beauty World Middle East

Beauty World Middle East will take place from October 31st to November 2nd, 2022 in Dubai.

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Our selection of natural extracts

During 2 days, we will focus on 3 natural extracts.


Vetiver By-Absolute

  • The vetiver plant is truly remarkable for the properties of its roots. 
  • Their capacity for soil retention is utterly unique and they also contain an essential oil with an extraordinary, inimitable scent. 
  • Vetiver grows in many regions of the world, especially in warm climates and light soils. 
  • The plant must stay in the ground for 10 to 14 months before the roots develop their potential to produce essential oil.
  • We cultivate and distill organic vetiver at our farm in Madagascar, near Ambanja.
  • This extract of our upcycling range “by-absolute” is manufactured in France after reception of the post-distilled roots residues, according to the historical production process of our by-products.
  • Our vetiver by-absolute brings woody, smoky and very powerful and tenacious acrid notes. 
  • Its syrupy start is reminiscent of caramel, then the woody vetiver note is found in a smoky/mineral version.
  • This new resource also completes our olfactory palette of roasted woods. 
  • Ideal for the creation of oriental accords in search of an exceptional signature.



Damascena Rose essential oil 

Rosa Damascena is the most widely used rose variety in perfumery and is cultivated in Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco.

The bushes bloom once a year, from May to June and the flowers are picked by hand, then distilled or extracted within 24 hours.

The use of Damascena Rose in an olfactory composition
  • In perfumery, Damascena Rose essential oil gives sensual and soft notes to perfumes.
  • The mix of Turkish and Bulgarian origins while remaining 100% Rosa damascena, allows us to offer our clients a product of irreproachable quality from year to year.
  • Its aldehyde, warm metallic notes are combined with lemony effects, giving way to the opulence and sweetness of the freshly picked flower.
  • Its persistence is remarkable and it can be used to provide a natural signature, at extremely low concentrations, in all types of compositions.



Neroli essential oil 

The bitter orange (or bigarade orange) originating from Asia Minor was introduced and planted by the Arabs in all the Mediterranean regions of Europe in the 9th century.

Bitter orange is cultivated mainly for its flowers to produce orange flower essential oil and absolute, and also for its fruits (bitter orange zest oil) and leaves (petitgrain).

The essential oil derived from the blossoms is commonly called neroli.

The olfactory notes of neroli  in perfumery
  • Neroli essential oil brings an unforgettable freshness and reinforces the natural effect in a composition.
  • It is particularly appreciated in citrus or floral accords.


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