Ylang-ylang: the gold of the Comoros

The gold of the Comoros: let’s discover the world of ylang-ylang.


Where does ylang-ylang come from?



Native to the Philippines, this sensual flower grows on a tropical tree, mainly in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.



Distillation process

There are different products obtained depending of the flower distillation:

  • When the distillation is a continuous process, we obtain the “complete oil”.
  • When the distillation is fractionated, we obtain “extra” oil, followed by “first,” “second” and “third” oil.


To carry out the distillation, the blossoms are picked every morning and steam-distilled that same day to preserve the freshness of the fragrance.


Complete Ylang-ylang essential oil from Biolandes

It is in our farms in Madagascar and Comoros that we grow and produce our certified organic complete ylang-ylang essential oil.

We promote the complete essential oil to help stabilize the production market.


The uses of complete ylang-ylang essential oil

In fine perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products, complete ylang-ylang essential oil brings all the facets of these lovely flowers:

  • In the top notes: fruity odors evoking banana
  • Opulence in the heart note
  • Harmonious notes accompanied by smoky and lasting effects in the base note

It blends with oriental accords, especially with patchouli and cocoa extracts.

In cosmetics, complete ylang essential oil is used in products like firming milks and gels, bath gels, revitalizing floral creams, exotic body mists, shampoos and haircare.

They are also used in products for problem skin, combination skin and tired skin, as well as hair treatments and nail care.

Finally, complete ylang essential oils blend easily with other oils and emulsions and they can be used in fragrance bases for cosmetics.


Biolandes farms for the cultivation of ylang-ylang essential oil


Biolandes at Madagascar

Established since 1995, our Malagasy farm is located in Ambanja, in the Sambirano River Valley in the northwest of the island.

The region’s tropical climate is suited to the growing of spices and aromatic plants.

The main plants grown on our 300-hectares (740-acre) Malagasy farm are ylang-ylang, vetiver and palmarosa. All these cultures follow the specifications of organic agriculture published by Ecocert.

To carry out the distillation, the blossoms are picked every morning and steam-distilled that same day to preserve the freshness of the fragrance.


Biolandes in the Comoros

Our distillery, established since 2014 on the island of Anjouan, Comoros, is the largest in the region.

It allows Biolandes HEC to be considered as the leading producer of ylang-ylang essential oil in terms of both quality and quantity and to be one of the leading exporters of essential oils on the island for over 10 years.

The production site is equipped with 10 stainless steel stills, a configuration that requires less energy consumption than a conventional system.

It is important to know that Comoran ylang-ylang offers a truly characteristic olfactory profile due to an authentic terroir effect.

The fresh blossoms supplied by our network of grower-partners are of great quality.



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