4 axes are pillars of our activity of producer and supplier of natural and raw materials.


From working with nature, we know that each harvest is unique. We have implemented rigorous inspection procedures to guarantee a the consistent high quality of the natural extracts offered to our clients. Strict, systematic physico-chemical, chromatographic and olfactory analyses, conducted in our research laboratory and with our partners, allow us to guarantee the natural origin and purity of our ingredients.

A pioneer of the continuous distillation process, Biolandes deploys its own patented distillation and extraction techniques.

Our R&D activities today encompass products and processes as well as applications, with a dedicated team of some 20 engineers and technicians working in laboratory facilities spanning 1,000 sq.m. (more than 10,000 sq.ft.). These considerable human and physical resources also allow Biolandes to offer technical partnerships with our clients.

Used in every type of olfactory and well-being products, our essential oils and natural extracts are strictly authentic in terms of their origin (both botanical and geographic) and composition.


With our 4 farms totaling more than 600 hectares (nearly 1,500 acres), plus 12 production facilities located near the growing sites in 7 countries, Biolandes has over the years become a world expert in the supply of top-quality natural raw materials and ingredients.
Vertical integration on an unique scale to the sector allows Biolandes to ensure very good traceability of each product’s origin and strict control of our supply chains. Our farms grow, harvest and process some 100 different flowers and other plants. We provide traceability of the raw materials derived from them, starting from the plot of land where they are grown.
Relying on its know-how in the growing and processing of plants, Biolandes has forged long-term partnerships with a number of farmers and producers of plant extracts who uphold the highest standards for the quality of their products.


Biolandes’ direct link through its farms with the cultivation of plants further strengthens its long-term approach. The family-owned company has implemented a development model based on 2 key elements: environmental responsibility, including the preservation of ecosystems and the protection of endangered plant species; and social responsibility, taking care to maintain local socioeconomic stability.
Operating in a complex context, with high standards and in constant evolution, Biolandes has chosen to adopt a continuous improvement approach, the better to respond to today’s environmental, societal and economic challenges.
Our Integrated Management System is based on recognized reference systems, in compliance with all applicable regulations, in order to meet our clients’ demands regarding Quality, Health, Safety, the Environment and Ethic.

Our ISO 22000 certification confirms the effectiveness of our quality management systems. All 4 of our farms are organic certified* (*with Bulgaria in the process of certification) and are either Fair for Life certified (Madagascar) or in the process of For Life or Fair for Life certification.

In addition to the certified extracts from our farms and production units, we have established, with local cooperatives and farmers, a great many partnerships conceived to maintain local stability. This enable us and our subsidiary Golgemma to offer a very wide range of organic and Fair for Life certified plant extracts (macerates, hydrolates, hydroglycerin extracts, etc.) and essential oils.

Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize the consumption of resources as well as their impact on the environment.


Wherever they are in the world, all Biolandes clients have access to the expert services of a dedicated support team, backed by a corps of specialists in quality, regulatory affairs and international shipping.
To ensure a thorough understanding of their needs, Biolandes’ clients, in particular their perfumers and evaluators, can rely on the expertise of the House perfumer. Similarly, our experts in food flavors, cosmetics and aromatherapy are always ready to exchange with the flavor chemists, formulators, cosmeticians and aromatherapists who work for our clients.
Offering the benefit of their leading-edge equipment and technical know-how in the use of natural ingredients in perfumery, cosmetics, food flavors and aromatherapy, our experts can develop custom solutions adapted to each client’s specific needs. After validation by the client, the resulting developments can be produced on a large scale in our factories and extraction units.
Our Regulatory Affairs Department monitors the application of regulatory requirements and provides regular updates of all pertinent documentation (technical data sheets, safety data sheets, etc.). In the rare case of an order that does not completely fulfill the client’s expectations, our Quality Department thoroughly investigates the claim in order to offer the client a solution as quickly as possible.
An international team active in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East provides a privileged interface with our support services, ensuring that our clients are assisted in every phase of their collaborations with Biolandes (brief, sampling, compliance, pricing, orders, delivery, customer service…).
The processing of orders within 48 hours of reception and compliance with all deadlines are key criteria for Biolandes’ teams in charge of sales management and shipping.