Our know-how

Growing operations and sourcing

At Biolandes, we believe that the quality of a natural product depends on exerting close control over its source and its supply chain. We are growers with agricultural expertise in the field, acquired over 40 years of experience and wielded both at our own farms – in Madagascar, Morocco, Bulgaria – and through our support for local growers who cultivate their regions’ plants and botanical raw materials for us.

Our botanical expertise and knowledge of different environments and biotopes, as well as the interactions of our network of partner producers and farmers, allow us to guarantee a very high level of traceability for our plants and raw materials, all the way back to their original source.
« To guarantee a high level of traceability of our plants and raw materials all the way back to their original source. »


Our 12 production sites are equipped with leading-edge tools for conducting all of the operations involved in the processing of our botanical ingredients – distillation, extraction, maceration, fractionation – under optimal safety and health conditions, in compliance with all applicable European standards.

To remain at the forefront of innovation, we continually invest in our production tools, at all of our subsidiaries, to ensure that all operations for the production of our ingredients are carried out with respect of human life and the environment.

and development

Since its founding, we have made research and development a key growth driver. Applied to both products and processes, our R&D mobilizes some 20 engineers and technicians in laboratory facilities spanning nearly 1,000 sq.m. (more than 10,000 sq.ft.).

These considerable resources, geared toward innovation, allow us to offer our clients, professionals in perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy and food flavors, high-quality scientific support and technical partnerships.

As of today, the efforts of our R&D department have allowed Biolandes to launch more than 50 original specialty extracts, including the by-absolute extracts range, that have established the company’s worldwide reputation for technical excellence and eco-responsibility.

Quality control and regulatory support

Because we work with nature every day, we know that it is subject to many variations. In order to guarantee the consistent quality of our supplies and production, we carry out strict systematic inspections at all of our sites of every batch of incoming materials and outgoing products. Our quality control is based on precise sensory and physico-chemical specifications defined for each product.

The stringency of our inspection procedures allows us to maintain a broad and thorough knowledge of all of our raw materials across the entire value chain. We share this knowledge with our clients through the body of regulatory documents, updated regularly, that we make available to them.