Redefinition of Biolandes’s visual identity

As part of the launch of our new Biolandes’ website, we have updated our visual identity.

This move follows our desire to state our mission as cultivators of the the finest natural raw materials at the source and producers of their extracts, with passion since 1980.

A modernization of our historical symbol…

We have therefore answered to this desire by evolving and modernizing our logotype, without overly altering our pinecone symbol. The fluidity of the lines and the centered composition emphasize the idea of the droplet and the extraction of essential oils.

… following the evolution of our lettering and signature.

The new Biolandes’ lettering marks a more assertive change. A few serifs have been worked on to highlight our name with new, more eye-catching lettering, to achieve a unique, well-spaced effect, in keeping with the pinecone and nature. In addition, the update of our signature – “Natural extracts for creators” – underlines our name and summs up our mission.

Finally, the deep green of our brand identity is replaced with the slightly bluer hues of the maritime pine, the plant at the root of our company history.

Have a look at our new visual identity!


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