Our Upcycling range, one of the symbols of our sustainable commitment

Since its creation in 1980, Biolandes has been conscientiously working as regards to nature and people. Minimizing our impact on the environment and preserving local ecosystems have always been at the heart of our decisions.

Recycling our ressources…

Our sustainable commitment is expressed through our choice to promote a full valorization of the initial raw materials by exploiting their full natural potential.

Thus, we recycle as much as possible the by-products resulting from the transformation of natural raw materials into extracts. This allows us to offer our customers an alternative range from these co-products, and to minimize the impact on nature by optimizing the initial extraction process, while revealing new facets of an authentic raw material.

… thanks to a specific range of products

This is how our « bioabsolute » range was born nearly 30 years ago and recently switched to « by-absolute ».

This range of products, resulting from material recycling, is an added value that highlights each of the raw materials we process. It is an opportunity to prove the new organoleptic and biochemical potential of raw materials by providing unique scents that enrich the perfumer’s palette; while contributing to the development of a circular economy, supporting a sustainable industry.

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