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Biolandes joins the ranks of the Instagram community and its one billion users!

The ongoing story of our mission as growers and producers of natural extracts, with passion…

For over 40 years now, we have been cultivating, sourcing and processing the most beautiful natural raw materials. We thoroughly valorise 700 extracts, made from 200 vegetal and natural raw materials, spread across 12 production sites respectfully established in 7 different countries.

Highly motivated by consumers’ growing interest in natural products, we deeply believe this is our duty to perpetuate our traditional tale under a complementary form.

… Through a new platform for dialogue and sharing.

Keeping up with continuous commitments to authenticity, transparency and quality, we are delighted you will (re)discover our history, our mission and our daily routine as producers of natural plant extracts tailored for creators around the world.

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Together, we learn from nature.

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