Natural ingredients for perfumery: essential oil of Ylang

More about growing ylang-ylang tree, a natural ingredient for perfumery

Native to the Philippines, this tropical tree is cultivated for its fragrant flowers, mainly in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.

We grow ylang-ylang trees at our certified organic farm in Madagascar and produce certified organic ylang oils at our distillery in the Comoros.

Different processes to obtain the essential oil of Ylang

The oil is distilled using:

  • either a continuous process to obtain the “complete oil
  • or a fractional process to obtain “extra” oil, followed by “first,” “second” and “third” oil.

The blossoms are picked every morning and steam-distilled that same day to preserve the freshness of the fragrance.

What uses for Ylang essential oil?

In fine perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products, it combines well with sweet floral fragrances, giving them an exotic fruity character. It lends power to floral notes and synthetic musks, and its woody-smoky character enhances sandalwood base notes.

In cosmetics, Ylang oils blend easily with other oils and emulsions. They can be used in fragrance bases for cosmetics.

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