A journey to the heart of the boreal forest…​

With our Quebec subsidiary

Respectful of the environment

Our canadian site treats its resources with the utmost respect.

They are then processed responsibly in our plant, using ethical extraction practices.

Production of organic essential oils

We produce pure essential oils from plants and conifers from Quebec's boreal forest.

Using environmentally friendly distillation methods, these oils contain a powerful aromatic concentration in every droplet.

Together for a respectful and prosperous future

High-quality work

Our Quebec subsidiary has been delivering quality work for years: products are laboratory-tested and carefully stored, with memorable know-how for even greater quality control.

Securing the future

To maintain continuous control over our production, nothing is wasted: the residues collected are transformed into electricity, and Labrador Production also replants over 50,000 trees every year to ensure its sustainability.

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