Two new sites in Canada

Our two canadian sites

Aliksir and Labrador Production, located in Quebec (Canada), are joining the BIOLANDES Group


A return to our roots in Canada

For the Biolandes Group, this is a new step and also a return to its roots: the company was created with the idea of distilling maritime pine in the Landes region, inspired by a study trip to conifer distilleries in Quebec.

With the integration of Aliksir and Labrador Production into the group, we will be able to offer essential oils and hydrosols from the boreal forest as a producer.

The history of these two companies, their desire to produce and make the most of local forest resources, by integrating part of the agricultural production with farms, all certified organic, are all assets that correspond to the values of the Biolandes Group and Golgemma.

It is with the desire to share our experiences that we welcome the Quebec teams of these two entities.


Aliksir and Labrador production

  • Aliksir, located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City, offers essential oils of balsam fir, larch, cedar leaf and hemlock, as well as a whole range of plant essential oils produced on its organic farm around the distillery.
  • The Labrador distillery, located in the forested area on the shores of Lac Saint Jean, produces essential oils of black spruce, balsam fir and Labrador tea. The plant’s large distillation capacity means it can meet significant demand for both essential oils and hydrosols.


Certified organic products for perfumery and cosmetics

With the integration of these two entities, the Biolandes Group is expanding its range of traced and certified organic essential oils, opening a new door to develop the riches of this very special ecosystem and offering unique plant extracts to all its customers, whether they are involved in the perfume, flavour, food supplement, cosmetics or aromatherapy industries.


Absolute and resinoid for fragrance compositions

Find our extracts from the boreal forest in our catalog:


Organic essential oils for beauty and aromatherapy professionals

In our wide range of natural extracts for cosmetics and aromatherapy professionals, we have these two extracts from Canada:

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