Bud blackcurrant extracts

Blackcurrant extracts are used in perfumery, as flavours and in cosmetics products.

Traditionally grown in Burgundy, the blackcurrant or Ribes nigrum L., is a plant usually cultivated for its small dark coloured fruits to make juice or blackcurrant “liqueur”.

The most surprising and aromatic part of the plant is actually the bud. The blackcurrant harvest period runs from December to February.

Biolandes produces natural blackcurrant extracts from France that are used in perfumery, in food as a natural flavouring and in the cosmetics industry.

Discover our blackcurrant enfleurage and blackcurrant absolute among our natural extracts.


Blackcurrant in fine fragrance

Blackcurrant absolute offers, at very low dosage, syrupy gourmand notes evoking the flavour blackcurrant.

Beyond that, it will have an impact with very particular and powerful green touches.

Blackcurrant is perfectly suited to floral accords and can also be a very good fixative or harmoniser in chypres.

Natural blackcurrant: a food flavour 

Biolandes blackcurrant absolute enhances the fruity and green notes of drinks with its natural blackcurrant flavour.

This blackcurrant absolute is particularly well suited to fruit flavours.

Natural blackcurrant extracts in cosmetics

Shower gels, scrubs and body care products can contain blackcurrant extracts.

Cosmetics for dry skin, irritated skin, damaged skin and mature skin sometimes use blackcurrant extracts.

Biolandes blackcurrant enfleurage can be used in the oil phase of cosmetic product formulations.

Biolandes blackcurrant extracts

  • Blackcurrant enfleurage 
    • Blackcurrant enfleurage is a hot maceration process (at moderate temperature) of blackcurrant buds in organic shea butter.
    • The maceration lasts 3-4 hours before a filtration stage.
    • The product returns to its solid form on cooling, i.e. the shea butter texture, which makes it particularly easy to use in the formulation of lip balms for example.
  • Blackcurrant absolute
    • Blackcurrant absolute is obtained by ethanol extraction from blackcurrant concrete.c
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