Cypress, a raw material for perfumery and a symbol in antiquity

Origin of the cypress

The common cypress is native to Asia Minor. It is a plant belonging to the Cupressaceae family of which there are now more than 30 varieties.

This plant gives a tree that has acclimatized throughout the northern hemisphere, and more specifically around the Mediterranean basin. It can be found as an ornamental tree in gardens and parks or in the wild.


The different symbols of cypress

Considered in antiquity as a symbol of eternal life, the cypress is planted in cemeteries in Occident, because its foliage is always green and its wood remains fragrant, long after being cut.

In Asia, cypress is considered as a precursor of longevity, which is why it is planted near temples.

Did you know that because it smells like incense, cypress is often considered a sacred tree, which is why it is used to make the coffins of popes.


Cypress extract from Biolandes

In order to offer this essential oil of cypress, we distill at in one of our French production unit.


The scent of cypress in perfumery

Known to have an odor close to that of incense, the essential oil of Cypress has woody, fresh and aromatic notes which enter very well in the composition of male perfumes.

Its main components are : Alpha pinene (40,00 to 65,00%) and Delta 3 carene (12,00 to 25,00%).

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