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Coriander: a seed used since the dawn of time


This plant has been cultivated since 1,500 BCE comes from Armenia as a spice for the flavor of its seeds and leaves.

It was the Romans who introduced the plant all over Europe, and coriander became the first spice to be exported to the Americas.

The main uses of coriander

Coriander is used in the kitchen, it brings fresh and fruity notes characteristic of Asian cuisine and savory flavors.

It is especially prized in combination with spring rolls and samosas, and in Thai dishes and also in fish marinades.


Our essential oil of coriander

How do we source seeds and leaves of coriander?

We source the fresh seeds and leaves of coriander grown by partners that select the finest crops at the right stage of maturity in order to retain most of the plant’s top notes in our extracts.

Cultivated from July to August, our coriander comes from France, Moldavia and Russia.

The olfactory characteristics of this essential oil in a perfume composition

Belonging to the spicy family, this coriander essential oil, from the seeds, offers powerful metallic green notes with tobacco and mint accents.

Perfect as a fougere accord, in duet with lavender, it goes very easily with woody notes.

What other coriander extracts does Biolandes offer?

You will find in our on-line catalog coriander essential oil and also coriander oleoresin. 

To obtain this oleoresin, we distill the coriander leaves from July to August by one of our partners.

Our know-how and the Biolandes requirement to offer you quality products

Wherever you are in the world, you have access to the sales team and administration team, experts in quality control, regulatory affairs and international logistic.

Our experts at your service

To ensure a thorough understanding of their needs, our clients, perfumers and evaluators, can rely on the expertise of our perfumer.

Similarly, our experts in food flavors, cosmetics and aromatherapy are always ready to exchange with the flavor chemists, formulators, cosmeticians and aromatherapists who work for your company or house of composition.

Your custom development 

Thanks to modern equipment and technical know-how in the use of natural ingredients in perfumery, cosmetics, food flavors and aromatherapy, our experts can develop custom solutions adapted to your specific needs.

After your validation, the resulting developments can be produced on a large scale in our production units.

Our regulatory and quality monitoring

Our Regulatory Affairs Department monitors the application of regulatory requirements and provides regular updates of all pertinent documentation (technical data sheets, safety data sheets, etc.).

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