Roman chamomile for fine fragrance

Anthemis nobilis or Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile is the name of Anthemis nobilis.

It grows in many European countries (United Kingdom, France and Italy) as well as south countries like Morocco.


Our production of fresh Roman chamomile flowers

It is in our organic farm in Khemisset, Morocco that Roman chamomile grows.

The fresh flowers are picked in the summer (June to August), and they are distilled immediately in order to ensure products of the finest quality.


Our Roman chamomile essential oil

It is the flowering tops that are distilled to obtain an essential oil of Roman chamomile with agrestic notes.


Roman chamomile essential oil for fine fragrance

In fine fragrance or personal care products, it immediately brings a fruity and fresh note reminiscent of pear, then a green herbaceous touch.

Well adapted to musky raw materials, it can give surprising facets to marine accords.

What use for Roman chamomile extracts in cosmetics?

They are used in products for delicate skin, irritated skin and eye care.

In cosmetics, chamomile extracts are also used in products like baby lotions and creams.

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