Benzoin a natural ingredient for perfumery

Origin of benzoin, natural extract for perfume industry

Benzoin is a gum derived from Styrax tonkinensis, a tree that grows in northern Laos, in association with rainfed rice growing. It is also cultivated in Vietnam. From April to July, incisions are made in the trees’ bark to tap their resin, and the resulting gum is harvested the following winter.

Biolandes: natural extracts supplier

After gathering, the gum is cleaned, sorted and exported to our factories in France, where we use it to produce several benzoin extracts. We propose a resinoid, BENZOIN SIAM 50%/DPG from Styrax tonkinensis Craib ex Hartwich.

Type of use for the benjoin, natural extract for perfumers

In perfumery, the Siam origin offers extremely precious vanilla balsam notes for the construction of oriental accords. It releases warm, powdery effects that are characteristic of vanillin. The resource, exudate of an exotic tree offers a unique amber signature and very effective in floral and oriental accords.

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