Natural extracts of mate for perfumery

Mate: from drinks to perfumes and cosmetics

The botanical origin of mate

Mate, whose botanical name is Ilex paraguariensis, is a small indigenous shrub known locally as "yerba mate". It grows exclusively in South America: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Traditional uses of mate

Traditionally, mate was gathered in the wild, but in recent years large-scale cultivation has taken place in the southern regions of Brazil and Argentina.

Mate is now mainly grown to produce the famous South American drink of the same name. This beverage differs from tea in that it has smokier, more tannic notes.

It is highly prized by the indigenous peoples of Argentina, southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay for its many benefits. Mate is said to be rich in vitamins and minerals, making it an interesting product for these reasons. It is also reputed to contain caffeine, vitamins B1 and B2, as well as potassium and magnesium.

Mate infusion is generally used to improve concentration.

Traditionally, mate was harvested in the wild, but in recent years large-scale cultivation has taken place in the regions where it is grown. In addition to its widespread use as a hot or cold drink, mate is also used as a natural extract in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Maté absolutes and natural maté extracts are used in perfumery.

From the plant to natural mate extracts for perfumery

Widely used as a popular beverage, mate is also used as a natural extract in the world of perfumery. Biolandes' catalogue of natural extracts includes several mate extracts and absolutes.​

Extracting mate

To extract mate, the leaves must be dried. There are two types of drying:

- The traditional "smoking" technique
- The heated air technique using eucalyptus wood, which can influence the olfactory profile of the mate.

Natural mate extracts

At Biolandes, supplier of natural mate extracts for the perfume industry, we source dried mate leaves directly from local producers.

These dried leaves are then transported to our factory, where they are processed by extraction using volatile solvents.

Our different mate absolutes for perfumery

Within our catalogue and the "hay" olfactory family are our different natural mate extracts for perfumery. Biolandes offers several mate absolutes with distinct olfactory profiles.

In all fragrance modes, Mate Absolute 60% MPG offers linear notes of brown tobacco with honeyed facets. It then evolves to take on tones of black tea.

This mate absolute from Brazil is certified kosher.

Also discover our other mate absolute, which offers notes of green tea evolving into tobacco tones that are still well marked by the tea effect.

Very appropriate in association with cedar wood or in fresh eaux de Cologne, this mate absolute is quite tenacious.

As a food flavouring, this extract brings fruit aromas to drinks or teas, with notes of hay, floral, honey and tobacco. Contact us to find out more. Lien vers page contact us

Biolandes produces natural mate extracts for the perfume and cosmetics industries:

In addition to our mate absolutes, we offer several mate extracts for perfumery, cosmetics or beverage flavouring.

In our online catalogue, discover our 2 other mate extracts from 2 different origins: Brazil and Argentina.

Our mate extract from Brazil

This mate extract has a very linear tobacco impact.

For use in perfumery, it combines well with fougère and eau de Cologne accords, adding remarkable sweet and honeyed nuances.

Discover our full range of mate extracts online for your fine fragrance and cosmetics compositions: link to mate

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