Maritime pine essential oil: a 100% Biolandes sustainable product

Pinus pinaster Solander in Aiton is the maritime pine that makes up the PEFC* certified Landes forest.

Maritime pine is characteristic of southwestern France and its forest is the largest man-made forest in Europe.

Discover the origin of this 100% Biolandes essential oil production.


Biolandes, producer of maritime pine essential oil

In the 1980s, the founder of Biolandes, Dominique Coutière, set up an original process to continuously distil pine needles from the Landes and Gascony forests.

This essential oil is a sustainable product because it is made from the branches and needles that come from the thinning of the forest’s plots.


Uses of pine essential oil

Pine essential oil in fine perfumery

In fine perfumery, this essential oil of Pinus pinaster is recognised by its green, fresh and terpenic top notes and is used in the composition of woody perfumes and ferny accords.


A woody scent in detergents and washing powder

Pine essential oil is appreciated for its woody scent in detergents and softeners such and toiletries.

In cosmetics, this product is little used. 


Terpenic notes as food flavouring

With its terpenic and woody notes, pine essential oil goes well in savoury dishes.


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