Do you know our essential oils and extract of vetiver?

The vetiver plant is truly remarkable for the properties of its roots.

Their capacity for soil retention is utterly unique, and they also contain an essential oil with an extraordinary, inimitable scent.

Vetiver grows in many regions of the world, especially in warm climates and light soils.

The plant must stay in the ground for 10 to 14 months before the roots develop their potential to produce essential oil.

What is the link between vetiver and fair trade?

Biolandes cultivates and distills organic vetiver at its farm in Madagascar, near Ambanja.

Biolandes has also signed a fair-trade contract with an association of farmers in the Madagascan highlands to produce vetiver roots in compliance with the FFL reference system.

The association agrees to supply certified organic (and NOP) dried vetiver roots for distillation.

In return, Biolandes buys the roots at a guaranteed minimum price, giving the planters a greater profit margin per hectare.

In parallel, a social development fund has been established, subsidized by Biolandes.

The fund is used to finance community actions, selected by general assembly, that benefit all of the growers and their families.

What uses for our vetiver extracts?

We offer: essential oils and vetiver extract.

In fine perfumery and cosmetics, it provides the characteristic notes of vetiver, with a nice balance – the signature of Madagascan vetiver, between earthy notes and smoky notes, that accentuates the woody facet.

Its low impact on the color of the composition is a real advantage. Lastly, it offers excellent fixative effects. This extract is rarely used in cosmetics.

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