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Um mundo de matérias-primas

Orris germanica

Nome botânico:
Iris germanica
Parte utilizada:
Orris germanica
Orris Germanica
Iris germanica is the second most commonly used variety of Orris in perfumery after pallida.
With its darker color, this species also differs considerably from pallida in its isomeric distribution of irones: it is richer in Cis-alpha irones and less rich in Cis-gamma irones compared with Iris pallida.
The major Iris germanica producing country is Morocco, where the plant is cultivated around the terraced mountain villages of the Atlas region south of Marrakech.
The rhizomes are processed in the same way as Iris pallida in Italy: they are hand-peeled and the whole rhizomes are dried for one or two years.
The country's resources are abundant and production totals about 100 tons per year.
Biolandes Morocco extracts the dried rhizomes at its Khemisset site to produce a washed resinoid.

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