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Um mundo de matérias-primas

Um mundo de matérias-primas


Nome botânico:
Vetiveria zizanoides
Parte utilizada:
Vetiver field in Madagascar
Despite its rather commonplace appearance (a high tuft of tapered leaves), the Vetiver plant is absolutely remarkable due to the properties of its roots. They have a truly unique soil-holding capacity and they also contain an essential oil with an extraordinary, inimitable odor. Vetiver grows in many regions all over the world, especially in warm climates and light soils.
The Vetiver used in perfumery is produced mainly in Haiti and Java (Indonesia). It also has many other sources, including traditional producing countries like Madagascar, Reunion, India and China, as well as relative newcomers to the Vetiver trade like Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Eastern Africa.
Vetiver must remain in the ground for 10 to 14 months to allow the roots to develop their potential to produce the essential oil. It is then harvested by hand, and usually replanted immediately with a piece of the unearthed stem. The roots are washed and dried, and must be distilled under pressure to produce a good-quality essential oil.
Biolandes cultivates and distills its Vetiver in Madagascar. Part of our crop is grown at our organic farm in Ambanja, near the Ylang plantations. The rest comes from a development project in cooperation with village communities on the highlands west of Antananarivo. The plant is currently cultivated by 40 families, for whom it provides a much higher income than they could earn with alternative crops like corn.
Our organic essential oil of Vetiver is Ecocert (EC) certified, and its production will expand in the future as the project in the highlands develops.

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