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Orris pallida

Nome botânico:
Iris pallida
Parte utilizada:
Orris pallida
Orris Pallida
Iris pallida is often called "Florentine" Orris, and indeed its cultivation for perfumery was for many years associated with Tuscany. It is the rhizome of the plant that is used in perfumery and not the flower, despite its beauty and subtle fragrance.
Orris rhizomes contain precursors of molecules called "irones", whose intense, powerful odor has made these roots a favored ingredient in perfumery since the 18th century, in particular through the widely known and highly prized Orris powder.
In the region around Florence, Orris roots are harvested in the autumn. They are then hand-peeled and dried for two years before being sold. Orris roots are then ground and distilled to produce an oil, called Orris "butter" because it solidifies at room temperature. The long drying period allows the precursors to transform into irones.
Today Iris pallida continues to be cultivated in Italy as well as in several other countries, including France. In partnership with an agricultural cooperative, Biolandes develops Iris pallida crops in the southern Landes region to produce a butter rich in Cis-gamma irones, a characteristic fragrant component of the plant. The harvesting and processing of the rhizomes is mechanized and the drying times have been shortened, which allows us to guarantee our production in terms of quantities, delivery times and price control.

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