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Um mundo de matérias-primas


Nome botânico:
Lavandula hybrida grosso
Parte utilizada:
stem & flower
Lavandin in the Provence region
Lavandin is a hybrid of two lavenders created in France to improve the plant's resistance and productivity. This hybrid has been developed intensively over the past 30 years and owes its success to its price, which is less than half that of essential oils of Lavender.
Its odor, less floral and more aromatic, limits its use primarily to functional perfumery. There are three or four qualities of Lavandin in France, with Lavandin Grosso being the most common.
Production of Lavandin totals 900 to 1,000 tons of essential oil per year, and Provence produces 90% of the world's Lavandin.
Biolandes offers an organic (Ecocert EC) essential oil of Lavandin Grosso produced in cooperation with growers located near our Valréas distillery (Provence, France). This oil is quite moderately priced in comparison with most certified organic products.

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