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Um mundo de matérias-primas


Nome botânico:
Styrax tonkinensis
Parte utilizada:
Benzoin tree in Laos
Benzoin is a gum derived from styrax trees of two botanical and geographic origins:
- Sumatra Benzoin comes from the Styrax benzoin tree and is widely used in the production of kreteks (Indonesian cigarettes);
- Siam Benzoin comes exclusively from the Styrax tonkinensis tree in Laos. It is the sole source of Biolandes' Benzoin products.
The Laotian Benzoin trees are cultivated in the northern provinces of Houaphan and Phongsaly, in association with rainwater rice growing. Resin tapping incisions are made in the bark of the trees from April to July and the Benzoin gum is harvested during the following months in winter. This activity provides supplementary income for nearly 2,000 families.
Our Benzoin is supplied through a partnership with the Agroforex Company, a pioneer in agroforestry and the proponent of an advanced model of integrated and sustainable development in Laos. Annual Benzoin production in the country averages from 60 to 70 tons per year.

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