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Um mundo de matérias-primas

Um mundo de matérias-primas


Nome botânico:
Commiphora myrrha
Parte utilizada:
Myrrh tree
Myrrh comes from trees of the Commiphora genus, which grow in Northeastern Africa, covering a much wider area than the Boswellia trees that produce Olibanum. Myrrh is found in Somaliland as well as Ethiopia and Eritrea, extending southward all the way to Kenya.
The technique used for gathering Myrrh gum-resin is similar to that used for Olibanum. Incisions are made on the trees and the exudate is collected after drying on the tree for a few weeks.
Myrrh gum is darker in color (red-brown) than Olibanum, and forms larger agglomerates. Due to the botanical diversity and geographic dispersion of the Commiphora species, their gums have widely varying characteristics and qualities.
The total production of all types of Myrrh is estimated at about 1,000 tons per year.
The essential oils of Myrrh offered by Biolandes are distilled in France from gums sourced in Somaliland by our partner for African gum-resins.

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