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Um mundo de matérias-primas


Nome botânico:
Canarium luzonicum
Parte utilizada:
Elemi gum
Elemi is a gum produced by a tree of the Canarium family, Canarium luzonicum, that is grown in a specific region of the Philippines, south of Manila.
Mainly between July and November, the tree is tapped by making incisions in its bark and removing a thin strip every day. Trees in their seventh year or older produce abundant quantities of the gum, which is harvested weekly.
Fresh Elemi gum is bright white in color. It retains a pasty consistency that enables it to be molded into the wooden boxes in which it is traditionally exported.
Elemi is a classic perfumery ingredient. At one time its annual production reached 500 tons, but it has since fallen to about 200 tons.
Biolandes sources its Elemi gum through the local networks of the same partner that supplies us with Myrrh and Olibanum from Somaliland.
Our essential oil of Elemi is distilled in France, in our workshops in Provence (Valréas) or the Landes region.

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