Journey to the country of...

Journey to the country of...

Orange Blossom in Morocco and Tunisia

In these pages we invite you on an adventure, to discover a flower with an eternally enchanting fragrance.

Orange Blossom in Morocco and Tunisia

Ylang Ylang, from Madagascar to Comoros : March 2015

With this fifth book, we invite you to discover this exceptional flower harvested everyday by men and women from the Comoro Islands and Madagascar.

Ylang Ylang, from Madagascar to Comoros

Mosses, from Macedonia to Lozère : May 2013

We offer you a journey of discovery across the universe of mosses, landscapes, men and women who have carried on this threatened tradition.

Mosses, from Macedonia to Lozere

The fascinating and timeless Iris: February 2012

From the Tuscany hills, through the Moroccan mountains to the Landes forests, let’s follow the iris that perfumers and flavorists find so fascinating.

The fascinating and timeless Iris

Cistus Labdanum in Andalusia : June 2009

We are pleased to share with you the unique story of a remarkable plant and its land, kept alive by people of tradition and spirit.

Cistus Labdanum in Andalusia

Rose in Bulgaria : March 2007

This book is a tribute to all the Bulgarians who have contributed to the success of Biolandes in their country. It is the discovery of a true story about the rose campaign in Bulgaria. The result of a strong bond between a flower, a region, know-how and the labour of many people determined to bring the unique perfume of rose oil alive.

Biolandes voyage to the land of the rose, Bulgaria