Biolandes in the Landes region / France

Biolandes in the Landes region / France


The BIOLANDES group is based in the heart of the Landes pine forest in Le Sen (about an hour south of Bordeaux) on a 120 acres site.

Usine Biolandes Landes France production huiles essentielles
Biolandes extraction unit in the Landes (France)

This site, which employs 170 people, gathers all the support functions of the group as well as some manufacturing:

Headquarters, administration, sales

Production workshops for the distillation, extraction, oil fractionation

GMP workshops for the extraction of active ingredients.

R&D and Quality Control labs

BIOLANDES PIN DECOR processing and packaging of composts and pine bark chips.

The Landes factory

The Landes factory distills and extracts several locally grown products (pine needles, Orris roots,...) and most of the dry raw materials from our range: gums, pods, barks, roots, powders...