Organic essential oils

Organic essential oils

The range of organic essential oils is based on organic crops that BIOLANDES has gradually developed at its sites:

Our farms in Khemisset (Morocco) and Ambanja (Madagascar) are 100% organic, as are our Lavender plantations in Bulgaria.

Our subsidiaries are also managing the organic certification for the raw materials collected in the wild (Armoise, Cistus, Juniper, …).

Biolandes partnerships are another source of organic products, whether they are farmed or are growing wild (Armoise).

Our products are all certified to European Organic Standards (EC) and many are also certified to the USDA/NOP American Standards..

Ecocert is our organic certification agency.

For Biolandes, organic certification is a « plus » which reinforces the fundamentals of our approach: control of the supply chain and sustainable and sensible management of resources.

An exclusive range of organic essential oils, authentic and of certified origins