A Quality policy and concrete actions for the Environment

A Quality policy and concrete actions for the Environment

Our Quality Control lab and regulatory team

  • A team of 7 people is in charge of QC equipped with state of the art analytical technologies : GC / GCMS / HPLC.
  • 4 persons are handling regulatory issues, guaranteeing that our products are in conformity with constantly evolving international regulations.

An innovative and sustainable Environmental policy

Biomass or wood is used as a source of energy on several sites

  • In Le Sen, the steam necessary for the workshops is entirely produced by sawdust and bark.
  • In Andalousia again, the steam is also produced from the by-products of distillation of Cistus and Eucalyptus.
  • In Madagascar, Ylang-ylang from our farm is distilled with collected wood.

Adding value to the by-products of distillation and extraction:

  • In Le Sen, all the wastes of extraction are converted into compost and organic fertilizers by BIOLANDES PIN DECOR.
  • All wastewaters are channeled through a biological recycling plant (Le Sen) or a process involving plants (Valréas).