Fair-trade Vetiver

Fair-trade Vetiver

Vetiver: Fair trade certification

In 2010, Biolandes obtained ESR fair trade certification for the production of essential oil of organically grown Madagascan vetiver. Since August 2018, this ESR certification has been replaced by a new fair trade certification granted to us by Ecocert: Fair For Life (FFL).

In the Central Highlands of Madagascar, Biolandes has finalized a contract with a growers’ association for the production of vetiver root in compliance with the stipulations of the FFL reference system. The association, which unites some 20 growers, agrees to supply organic- and NOP-certified dried vetiver roots for distillation.

In return, Biolandes agrees to purchase the roots from the planters at a guaranteed minimum price that will give them a profit margin per hectare greater than what they could earn with crops like corn and rice.

In parallel, a social development fund has been set up, subsidized by Biolandes at 5% of the value of the essential oil. This fund is used to finance community actions, selected by general meeting, that benefit all of the growers and their families. Since it was founded, the social fund has enabled:

  • A fund to finance healthcare costs in the form of interest-free loans;
  • Pre-financing for the expansion of vetiver production through advances for tilling the land and tending the crops;
  • Funding in the form of a donation to purchase a plot of land for the construction of the Fokontany office;
  • The re-roofing of the village school.

The specifications also call for the preservation of biodiversity and encourage the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. The development of vetiver growing in this region makes it possible to farm non-irrigable land that is not well-suited for food crops. In addition, vetiver helps prevent soil erosion.

Other projects are under discussion, including the construction of a common storage building for all the growers and the planting of a nursery for reforestation.

Biolandes also provides support for the association in the form of:

  • Technical training for the growers and the supply of vetiver rootstock;
  • Training for the management and good governance of the association;
  • Assistance in the storage of vetiver and pre-financing of harvest operations.