BIOLANDES: a world of naturals

BIOLANDES: a world of naturals


- a family run company founded in 1980
- based in the Le Sen in the Landes region (south west of France)
- 12 production sites in 7 countries


The history of Biolandes dates back to the late 1970s, when Dominique Coutière decided to found a company in the heart of Les Landes, a vast expanse of former moorland in south-western France. Now Europe’s largest planted forest, the area was a perfect location for the firm’s original activity: distilling maritime pine needles. The traditional techniques were modernized by the development of a continuous distillation process, which would later be applied to the production of cistus and moss extracts.

The reuse of wastes and a sustainable vision

Biolandes began selling pine oil to the fragrance industry and composting the distilled pine needles, which led to another activity: the production of potting soil.

Expansion with natural extracts

In its first 20 years of operation, Biolandes expanded its range of aromatic ingredients and created supply channels in countries where the plants grew wild or were farmed using traditional methods. In the mid-1990s, the group consolidated its growth by acquiring two operations in south-eastern France. In parallel, Biolandes perfected an original process for extracting an antioxidant from maritime pine bark.


In 2006 the group diversified as a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. This new specialization is developed with the same level of expertise in natural products and industrial processes as the company’s historic activities. In 2011 Biolandes acquired a prominent company in the wood industry with operations in Brazil, Portugal and France that specializes in wooden fittings and the production of wood pellets targeting the same markets as its composts activity.


Powered by ever-increasing consumer interest in natural products, the group continues to grow and develop. Today the vision of one man has become a family adventure.


Leading producer of essential oils and extracts for perfumes, cosmetics and flavors, BIOLANDES offers today a range of 300 products extracted from 90 plants collected in 30 countries.